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Simple and transparent financing

The reservation fee of CZK 100,000 + VAT must be paid within three working days of signing the reservation contract.

When signing the future purchase contract, you will pay only 20% of the price (including the reservation fee).

You will pay the balance of the purchase price after the building is ready for you to move in.

Payment Calendar

Payment Calendar

With us, you pay only 20% of the purchase price when you sign the contract and the rest when you take possession of the apartment.

  • Delay payment of the total purchase price
  • Pay only 20% of the total purchase price at the time of signing the preliminary purchase agreement, including the reservation fee
  • Settle the total price after the completion of the apartment

Unlike other developers, we do not insist that the client take out a mortgage immediately after signing the contractual documents, but only just before the completion of the apartment.

Financing through a mortgage loan

Financing through a mortgage loan

If you are considering a mortgage loan to pay for the purchase price or a part thereof, you may be interested in a financing offer which we have prepared for you together with our partner, mortgage specialist HYPOASISTENT, which features the most favourable terms available.

  • One-stop shopping for offers from all mortgage banks
  • Exclusive interest rate discounts for clients of this project
  • Option to fix a low rate today and draw down the mortgage only later
  • Free appraisal of the apartment

Mortgage specialists

Viktor Marada

Viktor Marada

Mobile: +420 739 329 449

Věra Mášková

Věra Mášková

Mobile: +420 775 249 820


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