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Penta Real Estate

Penta Real Estate was established as a spin-off of the real estate division of Penta Investments, whose beginnings date back to 1994. Penta Group entered the real estate sector in 2005 and has since developed into a leader in the real estate market in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Our goal is to build structures that actually improve the given location in terms of urban planning. With this in mind, we work with the best experts in the field, top-notch architects and civil engineers. Our experience, combined with their creativity and tenacity, vouch for the highest quality and investment value of our real estate portfolio.

At present, our portfolio includes more than 30 projects in the commercial, residential and retail sectors. The Company’s philosophy emphasises strict focus on Quality whilst Creating Better Spaces. Whether it is the process of property development, choosing suppliers and partners, or employee recruitment, Penta Real Estate aims to be the best. This is evidenced by projects such as Sky Park in Bratislava and the Masaryk Railway Station in Prague, which were developed in collaboration with the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid. Our staff thus have the opportunity to cooperate on such projects and to be directly involved in their preparation alongside the founders of Penta, who are actively managing the Company. In addition, good decisions and outcomes guarantee employees a unique opportunity for career growth. In Penta, no one is limited by age or experience, but solely by their own ambitions and ability to develop assigned projects. At the same time, our employee-oriented atmosphere and many corporate events form a natural part of the Company’s DNA.

Penta Real Estate

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